How to plant carrots on seeds

How to plant carrots on seeds

Carrots are the root crop known to people since the most ancient times. It is very difficult to imagine dining table without it, put carrots both in soups, and in second courses, do salads and juice. Therefore practically all gardeners grow up this vegetable, but it is often possible to hear complaints to viability of the seeds bought in shop. Way out — to grow up carrots seeds the hands. 

It is required to you

  • - several fruits of carrots;
  • - garden tools;
  • - sieve.


1. Select on seeds the best carrot in the fall, after harvesting. The root crop has to be large, healthy, smooth and correspond to exterior and characteristics of grade. And one more important factor — on vegetable there should be no mechanical damages.

2. Cut off tops of vegetable. At the same time try not to injure carrot neck. Then lower it in cellar on storage. You store root crop which you are going to land for seeds as usual, but separately from carrots which are intended on food.

3. Carrots in the second growth phase that is when on plant seeds are formed, do not endure cold therefore you do not hurry with disembarkation in soil. In the third decade of May prepare bed for landing of plant. Dig up the earth, level rake, it is not necessary to add organic fertilizers at the same time.

4. In bed thrust several pegs, on number of root crops which you are going to land to receive seeds. Then make holes on depth, the equal size of carrots, and carefully spill bed warm water.

5. Put in each hole on one root crop, powder them with the earth and stamp. Then water landings with warm water once again. Soil to zamulchiruyta, for example, sawdust.

6. In two-three weeks after landing when on testicle dense greens appear, it should be watered, so-called, limy milk. Dissolve lime to liquid state, the weight on consistences reminding milk has to turn out. Water with this solution each bush. Such processing is required in order that seeds have turned out strong and healthy, and root crops which will grow from them subsequently would be resistant to various diseases.

7. After each watering mulch the soil around testicles. It will help to keep soil dampness and to smooth differences of daytime and night time temperatures.

8. Approximately in 2 months after landing on the central stalk the flower umbrella is formed. It is the best of all not to take seeds from side escapes as at them the viability is worse. At this time testicle care same.

9. When the flower darkens and will be wrapped, it is possible to collect carrots seeds. Cut off the central umbrella together with stalk and suspend it in in the shaded place on dozarivaniye.

10. In 2-3 weeks it is possible to begin to process umbrellas. Seeds of carrots is the kernel of oblong shape covered with hairs which need to be taken away from seed. Grind them hands, and then sift through sieve to separate change from unnecessary particles.

11. Put carrots seeds in the sacks sewed from cotton fabric. It is possible to store them 2 years. For landing it is the best of all to use seeds for the second year after collecting. But then their viability decreases many times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team