How to plant chrysanthemum in the fall

How to plant chrysanthemum in the fall

Chrysanthemums differ in high decorative effect, are resistant to low temperatures, blossom is abundant and long till late fall, perfectly stand in cut and are well combined on bed of other perennials.

It is required to you

  • - saplings of chrysanthemums;
  • - peat or humus;
  • - coarse-grained sand;
  • - blade;
  • - secateurs or garden scissors.


1. In the open ground of chrysanthemum blossom in August and maintain frosts to -6 °C. It is better to make multiple copies and replace chrysanthemums in the spring. But if there was such need, and you have decided to be engaged in cultivation of chrysanthemums in the fall, landing of plants to winter is possible, but no later than the middle of September that flowers to frosts have managed to take roots. The root system of chrysanthemums develops parallel to the soil therefore there is rooting slowly.

2. Chrysanthemums do not love shady places and stagnation of moisture in the soil. It is recommended to plant them on solar sublime sites. But also they are afraid of drought as root system at plants surface. Therefore the drainage layer in landing hole (coarse-grained bank sand) and the friable, moisture-permeable, subacidic or neutral soil is necessary for chrysanthemums. If the soil in garden too dense, under landing it is necessary to bring peat, compost or the rerotting manure, but not there is a lot of, there are enough 500-600 g on hole, otherwise plants will be extended and will go not to color, and to sheet weight.

3. Hole depth for chrysanthemum bush – 40 cm. Before disembarkation the prepared holes spill water. The bush of chrysanthemum is put in hole, practically without deepening, and covered with earth, mixed with biohumus in proportion 20:1. Tall grades need to be tied at once when landing to support in the form of two pegs.

4. Right after landing the bush needs to be prishchipnut, having removed on it growth point. In twenty days the second nipping is carried out – part of escape with two-three knots is removed. If weather warm and solar, in the first week the planted bushes it is necessary in the afternoon pritenyat.

5. If to the middle of September you have not managed to plant chrysanthemums, their (especially high-quality), it is better to land not in soil, and in pots. Previously the sapling needs to be cut off on 2/3. The pot has to be wide, but not deep. It goes to the heated loggia or balcony. Ideal temperature for wintering of chrysanthemums of +6 °C. The earth in pot needs to be humidified periodically. If there is opportunity, at the end of February it is possible to plant chrysanthemum in hotbed. Then by April on it will grow young escapes which can be cut off on shanks and to implant in box with sand and humus. In May the implanted shanks and uterine plant can be landed to the open ground.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team