How to plant cucumbers in tent and to grow up seedling in "snail"

How to plant cucumbers in tent and to grow up seedling in "snail"

Among farmers there are many creative natures. Inquisitive minds have thought up original ways of cultivation of seedling, placement of cucumbers in tent. Thanks to it, lianas trudge upward. As for seedling, the strip of substrate folded in a certain way saves the place on windowsill, heats roots of seedlings, facilitates care for them.

It is required to you

  • - substrate;
  • - scissors:
  • - seeds;
  • - soil for seedling;
  • - water;
  • - growth factor;
  • - plastic bottles;
  • - office elastic bands;
  • - slyag;
  • - axe.


1. From the middle of winter most sharply there is question concerning how to grow up seedling that it was strong, there was enough place on windowsill, subsequently it was convenient to replace. "Snail" will help out. For this purpose take substrate which is stacked under laminate. Adaptation will be also beautiful as these materials happen pleasant blue, light green color.

2. If you grow up tomato, pepper, eggplants on windowsill, other vegetables with quite large seeds and sprouts, then from substrate cut off strip 12 cm wide. If you are going to seed strawberry, wild strawberry, petunia, then the tape which width of 7-8 cm suffices. Put it on flat dish. Since small edge, powder this site of substrate with the soil (layer height about 2 cm), level it spoon, slightly spill. Roll up this part roll, repeat such manipulation step by step with all substrate.

3. Tie up design two office elastic bands, put it in suitable capacity. It is possible to place each such part in plastic bottle at which the upper part is cut off more than half. If you plan cultivation seedlings of tomatoes, other vegetable cultures in such roll, then bury seeds to the soil at 1.5 cm. The petunia and wild strawberry sprout on light therefore we sow them superficially. If you stacked snails in bottles, cover them this container which is cut off by part. If placed in other tanks, put on from above transparent plastic bags, having left in them enough air.

4. When seedling of wild strawberry, pepper, cabbage and other vegetables grows up, it dive in separate glasses and if weather allows, put on growing to the greenhouse or under the shelter on bed. By this time it is already time to think about cultivation of cucumbers. Not always in the greenhouse there is enough place therefore part of plants will find to itself shelter on bed.

5. For this purpose make tent. It consists of 5-9 sticks as which it is possible to use the cut-down young trees or thick direct branches. By means of the axe and knife remove all superfluous, at each slyaga sharpen bottom edge. On the chosen, previously dug up place draw circle with a diameter of 50-70 cm, on its perimeter drive the prepared sticks the sharpened end in the soil. Above connect them in bunch, having fixed by wire. Make rope set of horizontal rounds that the grown-up lianas trudged on them upward.

6. Landing of cucumbers in tent consists in the following: recede from each slyaga in design of 7-10 cm, seed the seeds of this vegetable which are previously wetted in growth factor. If weather quite warm, seedling of cucumbers can be also interred at this time. Put on cellophane or nonwoven fabric this design. On bottom edge of synthetic cloths put stones. When there occurs stable warming, the shelter can be removed.

7. Landing of cucumbers in such tents ―это not only economy of the place, convenient care for them, but also esthetic pleasure. You will receive it by all means at view of lodges of cone-shaped form which are entirely covered with greens. In such designs it is possible to plant the curling haricot or cow pea. They will also braid support, will please owners with the beauty and excellent harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team