How to plant dieffenbachia

How to plant dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia – evergreen plant from family aroidny, coming from tropics of South and Central America. In room conditions it is grown up, mainly, because of the decorative look though, it is considered that the dieffenbachia as dragon trees and ficuses, is capable to purify air from toxins. As many tropical plants, dieffenbachia it is sensitive to consistence and composition of soil mix.

It is required to you

  • - dieffenbachia shank;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - drainage;
  • - bank sand;
  • - humous earth;
  • - sheet earth;
  • - peat earth;
  • - wood charcoal.


1. If for landing you have got top shank of dieffenbachia, or you want to rejuvenate the old plant extended in height which has lost the decorative look, can implant shank in water. This way is familiar to many amateur flower growers. Place shank in soft water of room temperature and deliver to the light place with air temperature from twenty to twenty four degrees. You watch that on plant direct sunshine did not fall. From time to time wipe leaves with damp fabric.

2. When roots of shank grow to two-three centimeters, plant plant in soil. For this purpose choose clay pot of the average size. Of course, you can use also more decorative plastic pots, but in clay container because of its honeycomb the humidity of earth lump is better regulated.

3. On quarter of height of pot fill layer of any drainage which you use for planting of flowers. It can be haydite or ceramic drainage. Some flower growers use as drainage crumb from packing polyfoam in mix with hydrogel. Over drainage fill small layer of the washed-out bank sand.

4. The dieffenbachia well grows in subacidic soft soil. For preparation of such soil mix one part of bank sand with two parts of the humous earth, four parts of the sheet earth and the same number of the peat earth. It is sometimes recommended to add to soil mix of a little crushed wood charcoal.

5. Slightly moisten soil and its vysypita in pot over drainage and sand. Put the implanted shank and slightly condense soil mix around it. Place plant in the warm place without direct sunshine.

6. Water dieffenbachia with soft water after soil mix dries up. Every two weeks should be wiped plant leaves with damp rag.

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