How to plant garlic in the spring

How to plant garlic in the spring

Some vegetables can be planted before approach of winter, so they grow much more largely. Garlic is winter and summer, it differs on terms of landing and mass of root crops. Do not try to experiment and plant winter garlic in the spring, the effect will be identical or even the productivity slightly will decrease. Garlic unpretentious plant and well grows at inexperienced gardeners.


1. Dig up beds of any form and the size, but do not forget to make sides which are necessary for control of moisture in bed. Depth of digging-up has to be about 20-30 cm (shovel bayonet). Then loosen the earth with rake.

2. Separate garlic heads into cloves and thrust them superficially to the earth that they slightly were seen. Do not mix them the parties, below there has to be that part which they fastened to head. The distance between teeth has to be about 10 by 10 cm.

3. You can powder landings with sawdust slightly. If they are absent, sand will approach or leave everything so. Carefully spill bed water and wait for shoots. Garlic usually very quickly ascends, in several days you will notice small green plumelets. It is not necessary to cover with film, this plant is not afraid of frosts therefore he can be imprisoned at once as soon as the earth thaws.

4. It is necessary to water garlic during growth until the end of July, then limit water inflow that it has a little dried up. Make cleaning at the beginning or the middle of September.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team