How to plant gooseberry in the spring

How to plant gooseberry in the spring

The gooseberry has fresh taste and contains huge amount of vitamins which are so necessary for human body. For this reason at least each summer resident wants to plant one bush of gooseberry.

Besides that berries of gooseberry contain whole well of vitamins, bush very resistant to frosts and therefore the gooseberry is planted almost in all regions of the country. The bush of this plant lives up to 40 years, however the peak of fructification falls on the first 15-17 years. Further berries will be less and then it is better to plant new bushes.

As a rule, it is better to plant gooseberry in the fall. This results from the fact that the berry-picker wakens very much early, and landing needs to manage to be done till this time. The option with spring landing suits the southern areas a little, however, and in the south in April it is possible to plant sapling.

The most important that needs to be understood for itself: it is necessary to plant gooseberry sapling before its awakening (emergence of the first real leaves).

Culture this unpretentious and therefore for it will approach the soil any soil - the berry-picker will take root everywhere. But it is worth remembering that if the soil not strongly disturbs bush, then the place of its landing has to be solar and well aired.

For landing it is better to select annual or two-year saplings. The root system has to be obligatory from several lignified components not well than 15-20 centimeters and with well developed roots on each side. In order that the gooseberry has taken root better, before landing it should be placed in solution of ""biostimulant"". There is no certain grade of solution, any which to you will be offered in gardening shop will approach.

When landing sapling it is necessary to lay at an angle 45 degrees, at the same time it is important that roots were not bent upward. In need of them it is better to straighten well hands. The root neck needs to be deepened on 5 centimeters, and it is good to stamp the earth and it is abundant to water. It is necessary to truncate the escapes which are above the ground to 20-22 centimeters and to leave on them 5-6 growth kidneys.

Farther there is only moderate watering and good leaving. As it was already told, culture not whimsical, however, almost all berry bushes are subject to such disease as ""mealy dew"" from which it is necessary to protect the landing by processing of bush special solution.

Having correctly put and having provided due care to the bush, you in 60 days will be able already to enjoy the first tasty and useful berries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team