How to plant grapes from shank

How to plant grapes from shank

Grapes can be made multiple copies in different ways. One of the simplest is cherenkovaniye. That the plant has taken root and has gone to growth, it is necessary not to make two serious errors – rotting of backs and drying up of escapes.


1. It is the best of all to prepare shanks for reproduction of grapevine in the fall right after leaf fall. At this time in them the greatest number of the nutritious stocks necessary for future plant for successful growth accumulates. The good shank has to be thickness about pencil, about 30 cm long and have not less than 3-4 vegetative kidneys.

2. That shanks have not woken up and have not gone to growth, do not bring them in heat, and at once to prikopayta on depth of 15-20 cm in the small trench filled with slightly moistened sand. In order to avoid damage of gentle escapes by frost, cover trench for the winter with straw, sawdust, the fallen-down foliage.

3. In April wait for the termination of frosts, dig out trench, get from it shanks.

4. Under the lower kidney make horizontal cut sharp knife, and over the upper kidney cut off shank on slanting, having turned the party of cut to short mustache.

5. Pinch off the lower kidney, make along the lower third of shank on bark three vertical grooves. It promotes formation of wound fabric from which rudiments of roots will develop.

6. Put shanks vertically in bucket, fill in them with water, leave for two days at temperature of 15 °C. Get shanks from water, pour damp sawdust, envelop fabric, within 2 weeks on them the first roots will develop.

7. Plant shanks vertically in soil, having filled up them with the substrate consisting of mix of the earth, sand and small portion of humus. The ridge with young saplings is recommended to be covered with film, however do not forget it to remove if rains go. Otherwise the excess of moisture will cause rotting of weak root system of grapes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team