How to plant haricot

How to plant haricot

Haricot is very useful culture. In its seeds the squirrel and also starch, cellulose, carotene, various vitamins and microelements is a lot of. Doctors recommend to eat this vegetable to people, the sick diabetes suffering from problems with liver, dysfunction of biliary tract. But also all the rest not bad regularly to include tasty and useful beans in the diet. To grow up haricot not so difficult.


1. If you have decided to put any kind of haricot on the site, choose for it the suitable place. This plant loves the easy and warm sandy, loamy, alluvial and chernozem soils which are well trained in which there are a lot of humic connections. Haricot can be planted both on separate beds, and on the potato field: in this case it will not require to put it support, and potato will not suffer from invasion of Colorado beetle.

2. Prepare the place for landing of haricot in the fall. Dig over the soil on depth of 25-30 cm, introduce phosphoric fertilizers. On 1 sq.m. it is necessary 30-40 gr. In the spring fertilize the earth, potash fertilizers at the rate of 20-30 gr on 1 sq.m. again this time.

3. Plant seeds of haricot when the earth gets warm well. Usually it happens at the end of May. If you want to receive regularly haricot harvests, it is possible to sow it in 3 stages: the first party - in May, the second – at the beginning of June, third – at the end of June. The distance between beans when landing has to make 10 cm, between ranks – 30 cm. If you plant haricot near potatoes, it is possible to seed 2-3 beans around one tuber.

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