How to plant hydrangea

How to plant hydrangea

Hydrangea – the real decoration of garden. Magnificent flowers are amazing, their beauty, variety and color palette strike. Violence of the inflorescences of white, purple, pink and even blue color crowning long peduncles are pleasing to the eye and cause admiration. Even hydrangea leaves, bright green and soft, are pleasant to look. It is simple to put and grow up hydrangea, it is necessary to know certain rules only.

It is required to you

  • - hydrangea sapling;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering can;
  • - soil mix (if necessary);
  • - mulch.


1. Decide on the place for hydrangea in your garden. It is one of the most important points when landing this flower. First, it will help to decide on specific species of hydrangea, some types reach height more than 3 meters, others – undersized and magnificent. When choosing the place you have to consider sunlight presence – in what hours and as long the flower will receive it. The hydrangea loves sunlight maximum in the mornings and shadow after lunch. The site on which you are going to plant hydrangea has to be protected from wind. Does not transfer flower and drafts, it just will begin to fade and eventually will wither. To structure of the soil the hydrangea is unpretentious, however loves mix of several lands (sheet, cespitose, sandy, etc.). Even if it is the droughty territory, good watering everything will correct.

2. The best time for landing of hydrangea – early autumn. On the site which you have defined for flower in advance dig out landing hole. It has to be twice more, than lump with the root system of sapling in the capacity (pot, bank, container, etc.) which you have bought in shop or in the market. If the soil in this place firm, depth of hole has to be dug out taking into account length of future root of adult plant, and then is powdered with the friable earth. It is desirable to fill compost (several shovels) in hole. Humidify the place of landing.

3. Take sapling from container, slightly stir up root lump, carefully straighten backs. Put in hole on such depth that the lump with root system was located slightly higher than the level of the soil. Powder the place of landing with mix of compost and the cespitose earth.

4. Slightly condense the soil (trample down) around sapling. Moderately water. Water at the same time has to get freely into the soil, but not stand on surface (if it happened, thin stick pierce the earth in several places, achieve that water has left surface).

5. Zamulchiruyte the soil needles, large sawdust or the crushed wood bark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team