How to plant onions seeds

How to plant onions seeds

The good onions are grown up for 2 seasons, at first it is necessary to plant seeds (so-called chernushka), and next year to land it on beds and to receive excellent, healthy and strong bulbs. Besides cultivation of onion sets from seeds will allow to receive cheap planting stock.

  • - onions seeds;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - the rerotting manure or compost;
  • - potash and phosphoric fertilizers;
  • - garden tools.

1. Consider that the best predecessors for onions are pumpkin: cucumbers, squash and pumpkins and also peas, greens and tomatoes. Proceeding from it, pick up the place for landing of onions seeds. Prepare bed on which you will grow up onion sets since fall. Before redigging bring the rerotting manure or compost, potash and phosphoric fertilizers at the rate of 30 g on 1 square meter of bed. Deeply dig over the soil.

2. In the spring some days before landing weed the appeared weeds. Prorykhlite surface of the prepared bed.

3. To protect seeds from mushroom diseases, before landing process them in potassium permanganate solution. Make pink solution, lower in it onions seeds, leave for half an hour. Then take out, carefully wash out under hot water jet, cool. Spread out them on damp cotton fabric and cover with it from above. Leave chernushka couch for 2-3 days. After this procedure spread out seeds in one layer and let's them dry.

4. Seeds of onions can be planted at the end of April if weather, or at the beginning of May allows. On the prepared bed make grooves of 2 cm in depth and at distance of 10 cm from each other. In grooves scatter seeds (landings can be quite thickened) and cover them humus or garden with earth.

5. Chernushka very quickly ascends. To receive larger pilferers, shoots can be thinned out, but also quite large onions grow from small planting stock.

6. It is necessary to water landings often, but it is not really abundant. After watering you loosen the soil and periodically you carry out weeding. These actions will allow to prevent appearance of onions fly. 2-3 times during the season it is useful to feed up landings by mullein infusion.

7. After the first lukovichka are formed, stop watering, loosening and fertilizing. When the feather withers and completely will lie down on the earth, and the neck of bulbs will become thinner, it will be possible to start cleaning of onion sets. Dig out it from bed and hang in dark aired the room that has dried out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team