How to plant peanut

How to plant peanut

Peanut – annual plant which is called still peanut. In regions with warm climate it is possible to grow up it in garden. If you have all summer rainy and cool weather - try to plant plant in normal flowerpot.

It is required to you

  • - peanut seeds;
  • - soil;
  • - flower or peat pots;
  • - cellophane film.


1. Buy peanut seeds. There is it microspermous and krupnosemenny. Stop the choice on the second as the productivity at it is a little higher. Do not buy many seeds at once, at first try to grow up several plants. If the first experience is successful, the next year can expand landings of nut.

2. Be defined where you will grow up peanut. If at you open groundwatermelonsalso melons manage to ripen in , so you can plant nut in garden, previously having made seedling.

3. Take the prime easy quality land and warm up it to room temperature. If you were going to grow up house peanut, then fill soil in flowerpot. If you want to replace in the subsequent plant in kitchen garden, then use peat pots.

4. Put 2-3 nuts in one pot – part can not sprout. From above powder with the earth on 1-2 centimeters, but is not deeper. Water landings of room temperature, cover with cellophane film and place capacity on windowsill.

5. Remove film as soon as shoots appear. Carry out watering as required. If the plant has grown and has begun to tend, tie up it, having put small peg about trunk. Now you need only to wait when nut grows – on it about 3-4 months will be required.

6. If you land peanut to the open ground, do it when the soil gets warm up to +15 degrees. It is important that there was no threat of frosts. Form beds as well as for watermelons. At cultivation in kitchen garden of plant it is possible not to tie up. Water peanut of times a week and if on the street very hot, then every other day.

7. Reap crop in process of its maturing. If nuts become overripe, then all seeds will drop out of cover. On average one bush of peanut gives 50-70 beans (on 1-7 seeds in everyone) with brown peel. Nut very tasty and feeder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team