How to plant pear at the dacha

How to plant pear at the dacha

Pear is exacting to the place of landing. Therefore it needs to be chosen correctly. Knowing some subtleties, it is possible to plant sapling and on the problem site. Here it will perfectly grow and fructify.

It is required to you

  • - pear sapling;
  • - compost or humus;
  • - full mineral fertilizer or nitrophoska;
  • - water;
  • - shovel.


1. Choose pear grade. Have good productivity and winter hardiness: Cathedral, Chizhevsky, Lada. Decide on landing term. It is possible to do it at the end of April – the first of May or from the middle of September until the end of October.

2. The major factor which allows pear to raise and develop perfectly is the place of its landing. The site should not be in the lowland. If the level of underground water high, then on such place tree can die because roots will begin to start to rot and will not receive enough oxygen.

3. On the sublime site blown by winds, the sapling will badly feel too. In such place it is necessary to plant plant into place which is covered from North side with the building, fence.

4. On the low site do not dig deep hole. Dig over top soil with a diameter of 80 cm. Fill on it 2 tablespoons to nitrophoska, and from above on fertilizer – humus bucket. Put sapling, straighten roots. Hammer stake with height about tree. From above on roots fill 4-5 buckets of humus. This soil has to cover them completely. That the prime quality land was not washed away, put from above loam layer of 7 centimeters. Spill pear sapling water. Make it in 3 receptions, pouring out every time on one bucket of water.

5. At normal level of underground water pear is planted in pole. Dig with an its depth of 70, and width – 80 cm. Put the top fertile earth layer aside. Pour 2 buckets of well ripened compost and 3 tablespoons of complex mineral fertilizer. From above – or humus place 2-3 more buckets of compost in the form of hillock. Put on it pear, straighten roots. Fill up with fertile layer of the earth, previously having removed weeds.

6. Spill landing by three buckets of water. Stamp the earth leg. At the same time the sock of sole has to be directed towards trunk. Press down the earth around. If has strongly settled, then enclose still soils. From above to zamulchiruyta pristvolny circle layer in 5-7 cm of peat. Landing of pear is complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team