How to plant seedling

How to plant seedling

Correctly planted seedling well takes root and is not ill. If seedling gets sick, the quantity of harvest is considerably reduced. It is necessary to replace to the open ground depending on species of plant. Optimum terms of disembarkation are usually specified on packing with seeds, but they can differ a little from real and depend on weather patterns.


1. Dig up the soil on shovel bayonet depth. If you plow kitchen garden the tractor, depth of furrow of plow will equal approximately same, as at manual vskopka. Level the soil rake that stones of the earth were scattered.

2. Dig out holes, depth has to correspond to the size of root system of plant. You can make furrow in which through small intervals to plant plants. Plus furrows - convenience of watering, it is possible just to put hose and not to water each hole separately. to put seedling too deeply is not necessary.

3. Water the soil. In each hole it is necessary to pour in about 3 liters of water and to wait for full absorption. Try not to wash away edges of hole. You can make watering by means of watering can with the disseminating tip.

4. Put exactly plant and powder it with the earth which has been dug out of hole. Densely stamp it, but do it accurately, otherwise you can break stalk, and seedling will die.

5. After landing spill holes once again so that water lingered on earth surface. If roots in places have become bare, powder them with the earth and moisten with water podsypanny soil. Do not forget to water before full rooting of plants them twice a day.

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