How to plant seedling of flowers

How to plant seedling of flowers

Flowers - as this word and as beautifully they look beautifully sounds. Each hostess dreams to grow up these charming creations on the kitchen garden or windowsill. It is possible to buy ready seeds, and it is possible also most to grow up them in boxes.


1. Soil mix for flowers choose carefully as they do not suit normal soil (in it few nutrients). Select friable prime quality land. Before planting of seeds mix soil with bank sand. For balcony flowers prepare mix from 2 parts of humus, 1 part of peat and 1 part of sand. Add the nutritious earth, perlite or the semi-decayed sawdust. Sand is added in order that the soil had moisture permeability.

2. Start crops at the beginning of April or the beginning of May. It is necessary to sow seeds in soil. Sow them ranks in grooves, or slots on 5 pieces in hole. After crops cover beds with sand, approximately on 2 cm closing soil. There are such seeds which do not need powder (previously study the instruction). It is better for some plants in the dark, and to others, on the contrary, on light. Accurately water not to wash away the seeded seeds. Support the earth in damp state. At first cover seedling for the night with the newspaper or film.

3. Look after plants as required, you carry out weeding, loosening and do fertilizing. You loosen not deeply not to damage roots then surely water with otstoyanny water, in the morning till 8 o'clock or in the evening after 18, in lack of bright sun. Make the first fertilizing in 6 weeks after landing and continue till August, then fertilizing you spend each 10 days. Apply to these purposes: sulfate ammonium, superphosphate and saltpeter, at the rate of 1 gr. on 1 liter of water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team