How to plant squash

How to plant squash

Squash are considered as the most unpretentious plants. They grow practically everywhere – and on normal bed, both along fence, and on sides of the potato field, and even on heap of compost. But to receive large and mature fruits, it is necessary to consider some councils for their cultivation.


1. It is possible to plant squash both seeds, and seedling. Previously sunflower seeds should be warmed up in warm water of minutes 20, then to soak in potassium permanganate solution. Seeds on seedling sow at the beginning of April.

2. In the dug-out soil seedling can be taken out at the end of May - the beginning of June. If decide to plant squash earlier, then it will be necessary to use film. Seedling land with distance between plants 60-70 cm.

3. Sunflower seeds squash land in May. Between plants the distance has to be about 8 cm, we close up seeds on depth of 3-5 cm. It is up to emergence shoots better to cover bed with polyethylene.

4. Further care for plants will consist in watering and fertilizing. It is necessary to water squash it is abundant, twice a week, under the root. These plants very much love warm otstoyanny water.

5. Squash solution of mullein, chicken and pigeon dung feed up. Squash and on mineral fertilizers – superphosphate and saltpeter are very sympathetic.

6. In order that fruits did not rot on the damp earth, it is possible to adjust plywood or boards under squash.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team