How to plant strawberry under black ukryvny material

How to plant strawberry under black ukryvny material

Cultivation of strawberry with use of black ukryvny material considerably simplifies care for it. Besides, at such way of cultivation, the productivity considerably increases.

Landing of strawberry under black ukryvny material solves set of problems and increases harvest many times. First, such type of mulching helps to forget about what is weed as agrofibre interferes with hit of direct sunshine and does not pass them completely. Secondly, the ideal microclimate for strawberry roots is created - under ukryvny material the soil will not dry up and disappear, so it does not need to be loosened. Being all the time in humidity conditions in such earth there are many earthworms who fertilize it. Thirdly, it is rather convenient at fight against mustache - young sockets have no place to be attached to the soil and it is much simpler to cut off them. Besides, agrospan accelerates process of maturing of berries, reduces risk of their zagniyeniye and even during abundant rains leaves them clean.

The strawberry bushes planted under black fabric less are ill as their leaflets have no contact with the earth. Even in the winter such material will protect the root system of strawberry from destruction by frost. Advantage of such way of mulching is obvious, in difference from organic mulch, spunbond does not decay and is not subject to fungal diseases.

It is possible to plant strawberry at any time, since May and finishing with the beginning of October. Here it is necessary to consider that fact that if landing is made in the peak of heat - from the middle of June to the middle of August, then abundant watering will be required. The soil does not demand special preparation. It is only necessary to dig over, move away her all weeds and to fertilize slightly.

Now it is necessary to fix material on the soil. For this purpose it is possible to hammer pegs, to impose with bricks at the edges or to press wooden boards - any way will approach. Further it is necessary to make openings. It is very important to remember that it is necessary to do them before laying of spunbond on bed, otherwise process of fixing can become complicated considerably. Especially big openings for the root system of strawberry are not necessary. It is necessary to do them crosswisely that then to bend edges inside. Distance between openings - 25-30 centimeters, and between ranks - 40 centimeters. Black fabric needs to be pressed very densely around each bush, differently those mustache which will be let go by strawberry, can begin to grow in chaotic order, being fixed under the fabric, and it considerably will lower harvest.

After landing of saplings the abundant watering of young bushes is necessary. Later the strawberry planted in such a way will not need so watering any more as that that it is put without mulch. At strawberry under spunbond moisture will long remain.

After fructification it is necessary to cut off all leaves that strawberry has managed to save up forces by next year and has pleased with abundant fructification.

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