How to plant tangerine

How to plant tangerine

It is simple to grow up tangerine from stone in house conditions, but the tree will hardly fructify. Fruits if appear, then not earlier than in 7-8 years. Their taste will not resemble normal tangerines, they will be bitter and tasteless. But as ornamental plant for the house tangerine is ideal and does not demand special leaving.

It is required to you

  • - stone or shank of tangerine
  • - soil


1. Choose way of reproduction. If you have solved to put tangerine from stone, then it needs to be prepared – wet stone for day in water and then land. The second way – reproduction by inoculations. Impart shanks on seedlings of any citrus. Place the imparted shanks for month in hothouse conditions and cover with package.

2. Prepare nutritious mix. The soil for cultivation of tangerine has to be fertile – mix the sheet and cespitose earth, add a little humus and compost. Do not use purchased structures as they often contain peat (such soil quickly dries and sours).

3. Provide drainage. Choose capacity for landing – pot or box. Lay layer of the granulated materials or wood charcoals on bottom of capacity to provide good drainage.

4. Feed up plant. Tangerine needs additional fertilizing, especially during the periods of active growth (spring and summer season). Every two weeks you introduce to the soil fertilizers – mineral and organic.

5. Create favorable conditions for growth and development of plant. Tangerine loves good lighting and conditions of the increased humidity. Use artificial lighting as the plant needs intensive intake of light all the year round. Necessary level of humidity can be supported by means of special means – humidifiers, or to spray leaves of tangerine with boiled or purified water. If there is opportunity, then hold tangerine in the open air in warm season, but protect from direct sunshine and strong wind. Water plant often, but only otstoyanny or purified water.

6. Struggle with diseases. It is simple to plant tangerine, it is more difficult to protect it from wreckers. Buy biological medicine against wreckers and wash out crown in bucket with solution. Repeat the procedure three times with break in week.

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