How to plant the Beijing cabbage

How to plant the Beijing cabbage

The Beijing cabbage is the annual cold-resistant plant delivered to us from East Asia. This vegetable, rather new to Russia, quickly became popular as it is very tasty and originally looks. In popular speech the Beijing cabbage is often called cabbage lettuce. It is possible to grow up it on the site or windowsill.


1. On windowsill the Beijing cabbage is sowed at the end of January, and grown up without dosvechivaniye. This vegetable does not love long daylight hours, at abundance of light begins to give arrow. Prepare soil mix from peat, the garden earth, humus or compost and sand. Add there a few complex mineral fertilizers and fill with mix landing tanks. Humidify the soil, seed seeds in grooves on depth) 0.5-1 cm distance between grooves within 6-8 cm. Cover tanks with polyethylene film and put to the warm dark place. When there are shoots, transfer seedling to windowsill. The first harvest can be tried in 25-30 days.

2. The Beijing cabbage can be planted under film coverings on the site. Since fall bring in bed 4 — 5 kg of compost or humus, add complex mineral fertilizers. Seed seeds as soon as possible in rows between which distance makes 20-30 cm. On 1 sq.m. it is necessary to sow 2 gr seeds of the Beijing cabbage on depth of 0.5-1 cm. When there ascend shoots, they should be thinned out so that between plants there were 4-5 cm. After a while repeat, having left 10-15 cm between each head of cabbage (the thinned-out plants can be used in food).

3. In the open ground the Beijing cabbage is grown up through seedling. For this purpose seed seeds in peat pots at the beginning of April and at the end of July. Put 2 sunflower seeds in each pot. When cabbage ascends, and it will create 3 real leaves, plant it on the constant place. the distance between plants has to be 20 cm, between ranks – 60-70 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team