How to plant tree

How to plant tree

In the spring and it is accepted to plant trees in the fall. In the fall better winter-hardy grades – apple-trees, pears, bush take root. It is better to put thermophilic grades to be prepared for cold weather in the spring that they had enough forces. It is not necessary to plant trees correctly, otherwise they will be able well to grow and develop.


1. Choose the place, suitable for landing. It has to be well lit, without close groundwater occurrance. The site for landingof tree has to be rather spacious that the growing tree nothing and nobody disturbed, did not shade the developed krone other landings, most to tree should not be close too, it has to grow freely.

2. Further it is necessary to dig out hole which size exceeds the size of earth lump at tree roots approximately twice. When digging throw the top and lower layers in different directions. Surely loosen hole bottom that roots went deep into the soil easier. Hammer peg to which then you will tie the planted tree into bottom of hole.

3. Mix top layer of the earth from hole with compost or humus, add prime quality land and mineral fertilizers. Use base layer not for tree charge, and for elimination of holes on the site – it is not fertile. Put sapling in hole, having accurately straightened roots, and gradually cover with earth. When you fill up, stamp the earth, without having forgotten to leave radical circle for the best watering.

4. Tie tree to peg soft rope in the form of the eight. It is abundant water sapling, zamulchiruyta the soil around trunk with humus, peat, hay or other natural material that moisture evaporated less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team