How to plant watermelon seeds on seedling

How to plant watermelon seeds on seedling

If it is correct to prepare seeds of watermelons before landing, then shoots will appear quickly and will be amicable. It is important not to be mistaken with the choice of grade, the soil and to get pots of the necessary diameter.

  • - watermelon seeds;
  • - soil;
  • - water.

1. At once on the constant place the seeds of watermelons put only in the southern regions of the country, in colder – it is necessary to grow up at first seedling, and already then to place it in soil, but under the shelter.

2. At first decide on grade. It has to be suitable for your region. If you live in mid-latitudes, then seeds from southern will not approach. It is better to choose grade with the average or early term of maturing.

3. Now it is necessary to choose date of crops. If you are going to plant watermelons to the greenhouse, then the age of seedling can be 30 days. At crops to the open ground this term decreases and is 20-25 days. Glance in the lunar calendar, you will choose the number close to chosen. Now it is possible to begin prorashchivaniye of seeds of watermelons.

4. Touch water-melon sunflower seeds, sort damaged. The cover at seeds firm, soaking will accelerate process of germination and will increase quantity of the ascended shoots. To soften surface layer, warm up water to +50os. Place seeds in light cotton fabric, and then, for 10 minutes in this water.

5. Now shift them in small glass jar, from above cover with double layer of gauze and fix it by means of round elastic band. Fill in water-melon sunflower seeds with pink solution of potassium permanganate for 15 minutes. Merge it and wash contents banks with warmish flowing water.

6. Place seeds in gauze, put them on saucer. You watch that fabric was damp all the time. In the warm room the sprouts will appear in 3-4 days. Remove for 12 hours seeds in the fridge on regiment where +3+6os.

7. Now they can be imprisoned to the soil. Fill seedling soil for cucumbers in pots which diameter of 10-13 centimeters, make in the middle the deepening equal of 3 cm. Spill it water, lower water-melon sunflower seed and powder with the earth. Put on small transparent package each flat dish or cover all pots with cellophane film. Remove tanks to the warm place.

8. Twice a day check whether shoots have appeared. If it has occurred, then put pot with sprout closer to light on windowsill. Provide to shoots temperature equal +17+20os. In 5 days lift it to +25os. Water seedling not really often, but it is abundant, then it will not be extended.

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