How to plant white mustard

How to plant white mustard

It is possible to plant white mustard all garden season. It can be seeded ranks, having closed up to the soil on depth of 1.5-2 cm, and it is possible to scatter evenly seeds on the right place and to level from above rake. If necessary to water.

White mustard – the annual olive plant having deep roots and big green material which height varies ranging from 30 up to 80 cm. Blossoms in the yellow colors collected in brush, allocating strong honey smell. In the subsequent of flowers fruits – long pods with seeds are formed. White mustard is used as "siderat" or fertilizer.

Than it is useful

At the expense of the roots which are deeply getting into the earth, mustard is capable to loosen, structure and drain the soil well. The substance emitted by root system makes pernicious impact on the wireworm. The wrecker avoids the sites set with white mustard.

In the period of mowing when green material of plant gets to the soil, large number of microorganisms which enrich the earth is flown down on its processing. White mustard is capable to suppress growth of weeds. Culture and to easier assimilation of almost insoluble nutritious elements – phosphates other plants promotes. The dense cover of mustard interferes with wind and water erosion during the spring and autumn periods. In the winter of crust of mustard do not allow the soil to freeze through strongly. The essential oils which are contained in all parts of plant interfere with accumulation in the soil of wreckers and fungi.

How and when to put

Preparation for crops of white mustard includes the same actions, as at crops of early summer grain. It is possible to sow this culture during the whole garden season, that is with arrival of spring and prior to the beginning of September. In the southern regions and to the middle end of September. Some gardeners sow also towards the winter, but in this case it is necessary to wait for cold weather that culture has not managed to ascend any more. As fertilizer the crops of mustard are carried out two times a year: in 30 days prior to landing of any vegetable culture and in early autumn when harvesting is made. Crops after harvesting allow to hold moisture in the soil. At the same time some of two ways can sow mustard: - ranks with distance in 15 cm, at the same time seeds are closed up to the soil on depth of 1.5-2 cm; - on the prepared site evenly to scatter seeds and to level from above rake. Mustard does not demand special care if the earth strongly dry, then it is necessary to water also all. In one or one and a half months when the plant reaches in height of 20 cm, it needs to be mown, crushed and closed up to the soil. Experienced gardeners water the closed-up plant leaves with such medicines as Baikal, "Shine" and "Renaissance", and from above cover with film of black color or roofing material. Thus, by fall it is possible to receive the friable, healthy and enriched with all substances, necessary for growth of plants, soil.

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