How to plant winter garlic

How to plant winter garlic

Winter garlic belongs to unpretentious garden cultures which will provide you early harvest in the spring. Garlic is applied in many dishes and garnishes: at conservation, fresh, addition in various dishes, at preparation of marinated garlic arrows.


1. For winter crops choose late grades of garlic since they contain bigger quantity of microelements that will provide that heads of this useful plant will be strong and healthy. Select the large and intact garlic gloves.

2. Surely carry out disinfection of sowing material. In 3 days prior to crops place garlic cloves in manganese solution for 30-40 minutes, then take and well dry. It is necessary to make disembarkation of the disinfected garlic not earlier, than in 72 hours.

3. To plant garlic for the winter and to reap good harvest in the spring, it is necessary to choose the correct time for landing. The choice of month in which it is necessary to plant garlic depends on your area of residence and specific weather patterns. Landing of garlic should be made not earlier than the middle of September and not later than the middle of December.

4. Attentively carry to the choice of the soil to which you are going to plant winter garlic. Remember that wreckers cannot plant plant 2 years in a row to the same place since garlic will be vulnerable to diseases, and will grow weak.

5. In 2-3 weeks prior to landing dig up the earth under crops of garlic and fertilize organic chemistry. Keep in mind that for garlic it is impossible to choose loamy or clay soils since they do not contain the necessary nutrients and are very heavy for this plant.

6. It is necessary to land garlic at distance about 5-6 cm from each other, between ranks leave no more than 10 cm, but also not less than 4 cm. Depth of crops has to be about 6 cm.

7. After emergence of shoots of winter garlic it is necessary to look after him correctly. Until emergence of garlic arrows it is necessary to water daily. It is also necessary to weed beds. If you fed up the soil before crops, then it is not necessary to fertilize garlic in addition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team