How to plaster foam concrete

How to plaster foam concrete

Foam concrete has to have protection against karbonizatsionny and moist shrinkage. For this purpose it is necessary to limit access to it of common air. The most available measure of protection of foam concrete blocks – plaster. With its help it is possible to correct general characteristic of walls.


1. For a start correctly pick up plaster. It has to be paronepronitsayema. Pay also special attention to thickness of its inside layer. For foam-concrete wall it has to become obstacle to penetration of steam and air. Consider, the amount of steam which comes into wall through internal plaster, in full has to come to light through outer layer. Steam should not remain in wall. There will be otherwise cracks. The outer layer will begin to disappear, and internal will constantly be in damp state.

2. That facade walls could breathe, it is recommended to do outer layer by thickness twice smaller, than internal. For example, if the outer layer has thickness of 20 mm, then internal has to be 40 mm. Do not impose on wall from foam concrete thick plaster coat. Do outer layer of 5 mm, and internal – 10 mm.

3. Consider, walls from foam concrete do not absorb moisture. Plaster dries outside. For this reason you can precisely level layer. Pay attention to the surface of blocks. If foam-concrete blocks are made on cutting technology, then plaster on them will keep much worse as they have rough surface. The foam concrete blocks produced by casting method in forms need to be smoothed out or zashkurit well before work. Thereby you remove the top hydrofobizirovanny layer.

4. If you were going to plaster molding foam concrete, then use plaster mixes with higher adhesion. The fact is that normal plaster will be badly linked to such foam concrete blocks because of big hydrofobization of foam concrete. If you were going to plaster walls which are put up from the materials which are badly absorbing moisture, then at the first stage spill on them solution layer, and then put the main plaster layer.

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