How to plow plow

How to plow plow

Any owner of the country site knows how heavy soil cultivation is. Such device as motor-plow is used to simplification of work. By means of it it is possible to plow the soil and also to carry out many other types of works.


1. Take shipping wheels from the plow body then install on it grousers. If additional cargoes are included in the package, put on them too. Prepare two wooden bars about 120 mm high. Establish on them plow.

2. Adjust special type bolt basic basis of plow. Make sure that it earth parallel surface. By means of lock-nuts record bolt. It is necessary to make it that during plowed land the screw has not weakened, and adjustment was not broken.

3. Establish wheel of mechanical plow in the center of adjustment screw. For plowed land this situation will be the most convenient. Define visually central axis of the site which is intended under plowed land. For the beginning of axis put plow. Cut furrow, trying that its line was equal.

4. Unroll plow on the edge of the site, having established it so that the right wheel was opposite to ready furrow. Conduct plow on its edge, without allowing deviation aside. The similar method of plowed land carries the name "in slope". It allows to receive accurately and carefully plowed site as the earth rejected by plow will form direct furrows and crests. Also at such method of plowed land it is possible to reach the optimum depth of plowing and to reduce load of the engine.

5. Try to conduct plow exactly, without leaning on it and without putting pressure upon wheel. Operate it so that the motor-block was under small bias to plow (approximately in 10 degrees). So you will save fuel and facilitate work to the device. Especially you watch closely that there was no overheating of the engine of the machine. If there is power loss, and you notice any faulty operations of the device, kill the engine then leave to cool down for 30-40 minutes. After this term continue performance of earthwork operations.

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