How to polish granite

How to polish granite

Granite – popular finishing material. It is used both in external finishing of the building, and during creation of original design of the room. Over time under the influence of various factors the natural stone can grow dull, having lost former gloss.


1. Wipe stone surface with damp soft fabric to remove dust particles. By means of sponge apply not really caustic detergent on greasy and oily spots, wipe and wait for final drying of surface. Take cleanser for granite which can be bought in specialized shop. Having studied the instruction on aerosol can, process it surface. Spray means and rub it soft matter in surface before emergence of gloss. Perhaps, some time should be waited before full absorption of means about what it will be surely specified in the instruction. Remove surplus of means after the specified time of absorption with soft cloth.

2. If you want to bring more large-scale modifications, for example, to give to edges of product from granite other form, use grinding disk. The emery paper will be suitable for simple alignment of form without change.

3. Clean edges with damp cut of fabric. Abrasive paper with more fine grain continue to grind until edges do not acquire uniform structure. Then wash up edges, wipe with rag and let's dry. Put cleanser, special for this stone, and grinding paste.

4. Also polish of natural material accompanies its cut. Having placed granite plate in gantry, put with pencil the line of cut. Accurately along cut edge from the inner edge paste adhesive tape which will help at cut.

5. Put on gloves and glasses and use the special purpose tool intended for cut of dense materials, for example, by saw on marble. Not to damage stone, at cut you make flat slow movements. To grind edges of cuts, previously having wiped them with rag, apply grinding mix.

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