How to polish knife

How to polish knife

Knife – one of the most ancient types of cold weapon not only which has reached our days, but also everywhere used and until now. In old times the polish of knife took a lot of time and demanded skill and ability. Now even such operation as the satined polish, requires only the disk machine and several types of special paper.

It is required to you

  • - polishing mix;
  • - polishing tape;
  • - adjustable disk machine.


1. Prepare knife for polish. For this purpose it is desirable to remove blade from the handle, however it is possible and just to wrap the handle in fabric or painting tape in order to avoid damage of weapon.

2. It is necessary to begin processing of blade the high granularity (from 240 to 320 units) which is well salted by tape, using special polishing mix. The initial stage of polish can be continued on polishing disk, however the speed of its rotation in that case should not exceed 1750 revolutions per minute. As polishing mix it is the best of all to use very widespread liquid on the basis of SF 300 glue. The initial stage of polish comes to the end when on blade the equal and monotonous drawing of scratches appears.

3. Then the polishing set needs to be replaced with structure of average type. In this step the main thing is not to go too far. As a rule, about both parties of edge in the direction from butt to cutting edge are enough to walk several times. For this stage it is recommended to use so-called "average" polishing agent of RCH Green Chrome. On end of this stage on knife there should not be scratches, and the blade will have opaque gloss.

4. Final polish is carried out on sanding machine with use of the circle from the stitched gauze rotating still with speed of 1750 revolutions per minute. On circle previously thin layer applies polishing ointment. Polish needs to be applied on circle several times until the blade of knife is not the covered thin group of the hardened structure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team