How to polish organic glass

How to polish organic glass

Quite often there are problems connected with organic glass damage. It is possible to remove scratches independently. It is also possible to get rid of traces of aggressive chemical influence easily. Work requires special attention.

  • - adhesive tape;
  • - paper;
  • - scalpel;
  • - rake;
  • - abrasive paper 800, 2000;
  • - velvet ribbon or soft rag.

1. For a start it is necessary to paste over working surface with adhesive tape. It is the best of all to glue strips with an overlap on 1-2 millimeters. Well the adhesive tape which is applied to pasting of baguettes is suitable for this work. By means of scalpel cut off excess adhesive tape. Then blade make the correct curves in corners. After that it is possible to pass to polish. For this purpose abrasive paper 800 is usually used. Cleaning has to be carried out evenly on all surface of glass. Carry out it accurately and evenly.

2. Now you can wipe and look at result. Glass has to stop being transparent completely. It is not necessary to despair and give in to panic. If your glass is evenly opaque, then everything goes correctly. If there are roughnesses and hollows on glass, then it is necessary to shkurit until until glass becomes evenly opal. Ruts should not be.

3. Further pick up abrasive paper 2000 and continue polish. The result has to encourage you. Glass will gradually gain certain transparency. Consider, glass has to be absolutely exactly opaque. On it there should not be not one scratch, spot or deepening. If there are on it dark stains, then it is possible to return to abrasive paper 800. After the result completely suits you, it is possible to wipe surface well.

4. After that it is necessary to apply polishing paste on soft fabric. At the moment their huge set in the market. It is recommended to use the Japanese polishing pastes. Polish with uniform motions glass. It will gain in the eyes gloss. After you have well polished glass, attentively examine it. At this stage scratches and hollows can come to light. If the received result did not suit you, then can repeat the procedure anew. Do it you will not achieve desirable result yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team