How to postrit the house from vertical bar

How to postrit the house from vertical bar

The construction method of the vertical house has been developed relatively recently. The bar in such buildings is located not in the horizontal way, and is established vertically.

Advantages of houses from vertically bar

Houses from vertical bar have unusual exterior. Besides, they differ in the fact that there is no shrinkage after completion of construction. Such unique characteristics allow to continue construction of roof at once and to begin finishing indoors. The energy saving large-scale is inherent in the houses built on this technology.

Designers of the house from vertical bar have expected that the logs standing perpendicular to the direction of wind interfere with heat waste better. Low heatlosses will allow owners of the house to save on heating.

In production of bar glue or synthetic sealants are not used. Building the house, you should not stack mezhventsovy heater as it is made at construction of felling of logs. The house from vertical bar differs in ease of assembly and high speed of mounting. Even you will be able to collect the big building for several months.

The bar has small weight, with its transportation there will be no problems. Houses from vertical bar differ in high strength and reliability. Even the big snow layer on roof will not render critical load on the building. The technology of construction of houses is based on use only of qualitative bar, wood will not be exposed to chemical treatment or to become covered by impregnations. Most often the larch as it is the strongest and frost-resistant material is chosen. Also vertical bar is made from cedar. The bar should not have knots or defects, material on construction undertakes only ideally dried up. The construction of country house is completed for one season, at the same time you do not need to involve assistants, construction of the house can be executed by own efforts. The bar is fastened among themselves thanks to availability of the special grooves turned on the planing milling machine. Setting-out a building can be any. After preparation of the project it is possible to start performance of work.

Features of construction

It is simple to build the house, you need the project. At first make the suitable base. As the bar has small weight, especially powerful base will not be required. Even if you wish to build the basement, there will be enough continuous footing.

In continuous footing it is necessary to make special groove – in them in vertical position the bar will be established. Establish bar only on waterproofing layer, it will prevent wood rotting.

Possibly and construction of the column base. In this case columns connect uniform binding. Later on it logs are established. The house from vertical bar gathers by the principle of the designer. That logs did not deviate vertical plane, fasten them among themselves with round loose tongues. After end of wall construction start to construction of roof. Then carry out glazing of the building and begin finishing of rooms.

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