How to prepare bed for seedling in the fall

How to prepare bed for seedling in the fall

Not always there is opportunity to grow up seedling in house conditions, it still rather labor-consuming and expensive business. Seedling of the house needs to create certain conditions and the quantity of plants for landing can be limited. The hotbed on kitchen garden allows to solve all these problems. It significantly increases quantity of seedling and increases its quality.

To make bed under seedling in the fall on kitchen garden, several boards or flat slate and stakes are required. For a start dig out trench up to 60 cm wide and up to 20 cm in depth. Around it establish framework by means of boards and stakes. The box with earth bottom turns out. Then leaves, hay or straw keep within trench. At the same time they are put two layers between which spill out fertile soil up to 5 cm thick. All layer is spilled any biologically active solution with the maintenance of living organisms. Also add sour honey or old jam which will serve as food for them. From above fill up fertile soil to ground level and again spill the same solution. From outer end the box is powdered with the earth too.

Such bed at the expense of biological microorganisms significantly increases fertility of the soil and improves its chemical composition. In such look it is left till spring, having covered from above with roofing material and layer of branches. It will help to remove easily snow after winter and will not allow to get excess moisture.

In the spring after air temperature of higher than 0th degrees it became necessary to remove the shelter and to clean bed from snow. Then to dig over the top fertile layer and in several days to plant seedling. The bed is covered with film or any other ukryvny material, for example lutrasily. In process of growth of seedling establish arches from wire and again pull film. Ukryvna material will be the best option because through it it is easier to carry out watering of plants. It is impossible to allow overwettings of the soil on bed at all. Therefore watering has to be moderate. Before landing to hotbed, it is better to couch seedling a little in house conditions.

Plants at the beginning of shoots can be watered with growth factor, and then to introduce necessary mineral fertilizers. On such bed it is possible to grow up seedling of cabbage, pumpkin, eggplants, cucumbers and so on.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team