How to prepare in electric oven

How to prepare in electric oven

Many hostesses are dissatisfied with how their oven works. And even quite often owners of expensive equipment complain of kitchen "assistants". Perhaps, some of them just do not follow the rule of cooking in electric oven.

It is required to you

  • - pallet;
  • - instruction to electric oven;
  • - toothpick;
  • - book of recipes.


1. Before placing baking sheet in electric oven, make sure that in it there are no foreign pallets which would prevent due circulation of stream of hot air.

2. Pallet with pie or other dish which to prepare it is planned in electric oven, place in oven so that the bottom and top could propechsya evenly. In other words, from all directions there has to be identical space between walls of electric oven and baking sheet for circulation of hot air. (The exception is made by only electric ovens with convection function: compulsory air circulation by means of the fan is provided in them therefore the arrangement of pallet does not play special role).

3. Enter the necessary program of pastries or preparation of dish: for this purpose program preparation time and temperature and also (if there is in electric oven similar function) determine time during which heating of dish after its preparation has to remain. Not to be mistaken and to correctly gather applet, study the instruction which is attentively attached to electric oven and also specify temperature range for preparation of specific dish in the book of recipes.

4. Check readiness of pastries by means of toothpick: pierce this wooden stick pie. If dough does not stick to toothpick, then the product is already ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team