How to prepare interior for appearance of the kid

How to prepare interior for appearance of the kid

Before appearance of the child of parents the panic often covers. It is absolutely normal, comfort and safety is so important for children. The few know how it is correct to issue the nursery to provide to the child cosiness and comfort. Such re-planning is demanded not only by future nursery, but also all apartment in general. The child will be not only in the room, but also in the rest of the apartment together with parents. But it is frequent, understanding of such simple truth comes when all funds of family have left on registration of the children's room.

Most of parents do not feel sorry for forces and funds for creation of cosiness and safety in the nursery, try to buy all necessary for the child. However, what is required to the kid, understand when he is born. For example, it is unlikely the child will evaluate smart bed from carved tree or magnificent changing table at once. The child will evaluate the place for games and entertainments more. Therefore it is not necessary to heat up the room furniture, it is possible even not all is required.

It is not necessary to make out the room children's drawings as hares or young foxes at once. At first the kid will be in the room of parents and when he grows up, perhaps it is required to remake the room, according to age and new needs of the kid. It is better to decorate walls by means of beautiful stickers which with ease can be replaced with others or to remove at all.

Habits and needs of the child can be learned not at once, and here habits of parents not to put anywhere. Appearance of the child considerably will change the general situation in the apartment, but to you it is worth to remember about parents and their comfort too. For example, you should not give home office or other room for game for the kid at once. Suddenly it will not turn out to get used to work in the living room? And here the child is capable to play anywhere, for him it is not problem, there will be enough even small corner.

Children will spend the most part of time with parents. Therefore safety in the house has to be maximum, especially where there can be child. The danger of sharp angles, doors, hinged shelves and large doors is clear. But it is necessary to think and volume, floor for the child is how injury-causing. Therefore all surfaces which slide it is necessary to cover with carpets or other materials. In all rooms it is desirable to have soft floor pillows and laying.

Such simple councils will prepare the house for appearance of the little robber.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team