How to prepare onion sets for landing

How to prepare onion sets for landing

Regardless of which you have planting stock, namely, the grown-up onion sets or acquired from sellers it should be prepared for landing.

Important rules of prelanding preparation of onion sets at cultivation of onions turnip:

We check quality of onion sets

Pilferers should be touched and removed the dried, sick and struck onions. At the same time it is sorted by the size. At first land large lukovichka, then average and small. It becomes for uniform shoots.

We warm up onion sets

For several weeks before disembarkation of pilferers it is necessary to warm up that will help to avoid strelkovaniye. Especially it concerns sevka purchased if storage conditions are not known to you. The pilferers, the having large size and stored at low temperatures it is also necessary to warm up. For warming up of pilferers scatter about the warm battery or take out in warm spring days in the sun.

We process onion sets from diseases and wreckers

For 3-4 hours of pilferers ret in salt solution. Table salt 1 tablespoon with the hill is dissolved in one liter of warm water and submerge bulbs in solution. That they did not emerge, bulbs can previously be poured in kapron stocking or gauze sack. After salt bathtub of pilferers it is required to wash well with clear water, having several times replaced water. Some gardeners use stronger salt solution (salt pack on water half-buckets), but anyway it is necessary to wash away surplus of salt well. Salt perniciously affects eggs of onions fly, ticks, trips. To some extent it and prevention from diseases.

The washed-out onion sets are retted for couple of hours in dark solution of potassium permanganate again from diseases as onions are inclined to fungal infections. 2 hours of pilferers later wash with water again and slightly air from excess water. Pilferers it is ready to landing. Instead of potassium permanganate also such chemical means as copper vitriol, copper oxychloride will approach.

If there is need, pilferers can be killed for stimulation of roots in solution of epin, zircon, humate, in solution of mineral fertilizers. But onions in itself have large supply of power supply and do not need such additional treatments.

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