How to prepare onions for storage in house conditions

How to prepare onions for storage in house conditions

With arrival of fall each gardener has question as it is correct to reap crop and to keep it for all year. Onions are present at our diet all the year round, it is important to bring together correctly him and to prepare for storage. What needs to be known to keep harvest till next summer and not to buy it then?

Preparation of onions for harvesting Many gardeners do not think that preparation of onions for cleaning is important for safety of harvest. Since this stage it is worth caring for safety of future harvest.

Preparation of onions for collecting is very simple. It is necessary to stop watering approximately in one month prior to gathering onions. Otherwise, onions will well not be stored and will begin to decay. After stalks dry and will lay down on the earth, it is necessary to start harvesting.

Rules of cleaning of onions 

Not to damage bulb them it is necessary to take accurately from the earth. For cleaning of onions it is necessary to choose dry, sunny weather. Before removing onions on storage, it needs to be dried within several days. For this purpose it is possible just to spread out it on bed.

Drying of onions is very important, thanks to it to be stored onions longer and does not decay. In several days we check neck of bulbs – transition from head to stalks. If neck rather dry, and head firm it is possible to start cleaning of onions safely.

 Storage of onions 

We delete the top scales and we cut off roots,  bulb stalks. If you do not spin onions in braids, then leave stalks on 5 centimeters. As container for storage of this vegetable it is better to use:

  • wooden boxes or boxes from plywood;
  • wattled grids;
  • tights or stockings from kapron.

Storage in cellar If you store onions in cellar, then here it is better to use small boxes in which onions will be located in three layers. It is possible to suspend onions in grids or kapron, so it will be well blown. Onions need periodically to be checked for availability of the spoiled heads.

Storage of onions in the apartment

At storage of onions in the apartment it is very important to choose the right place for its storage. The place for storage of onions has to be dry and it is desirable cool in distance from heating appliances.

One more of the principles of the correct storage of onions is ensuring access of air to vegetable. It is strictly forbidden to store onions in plastic bags. This method will become pernicious for vegetable, it will quickly decay.

Where you would not store onions, it is necessary to find occasionally time for check of onions for availability of the spoiled heads. In this case, your harvest will long please you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team