How to prepare pepper seeds for landing to seedling

How to prepare pepper seeds for landing to seedling

Pepper is one of the most useful vegetables on personal plot. It can be grown up in different ways. But preparation of seeds before landing to seedling is obligatory. How to carry out it without some problems?

The preparatory stage for seeds of pepper takes not really a lot of time, but demands competent approach to this business. It is divided into several parts.

First, it is sorting of seeds. It is landing seedlings better to use seeds of two-year prescription which have the large sizes. At the same time white and dark seeds reject at once. And together with them delete small and ugly copies. If the quantity of seeds allows, then further sorting is continued by means of water. For this purpose in 1 l of water dissolve 40 g of table salt. Then lower seeds in this solution and mix. Full and good sunflower seeds have to fall by bottom, and here empty gradually emerge on surface. Further the selected pepper seeds carefully wash with warm water.

Secondly, it is prevention of diseases. For this purpose seeds of pepper disinfect in dense solution of potassium permanganate within 15-20 minutes, previously having placed them in gauze sacks. Then also wash out in warm water.

Thirdly, this soaking in nutritious solution. It is made of water and any growth factor, for example zircon. Seeds place in nutritious solution for day, at the same time its temperature has to be about +25 degrees. That is it is better to put capacity with seeds to the warmest place indoors. Also nutritious solution can be prepared by means of wood ashes. For this purpose in 1 l of water part 2 tablespoons of ashes and insist within 3 days. Seeds needs to be turned in rag. And after to rinse with water again.

Fourthly, for growth acceleration the seeds of pepper can be couched. They are wrapped in damp fabric and stacked on superficial plateau. From above capacity is covered with plastic bag to prevent drying of seeds. The plateau is put to the warm place for 5 days. As soon as seeds of pepper sprout, start their crops on seedling.

Fifthly, this hardening of seeds which can be seen off at will. For this purpose after processing by nutritious solution, seeds of pepper place in refrigeration chamber at temperature of +4 degrees at 2 day. Then take out from it, and 2 days store at temperature of +20 degrees indoors. And further again for couple of days place in the fridge. At the same time they always have to be in slightly humidified state.

All these stages of preparation of seeds of pepper before landing to seedling not only allow to increase productivity, but also accelerate process of maturing of these plants on personal plot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team