How to prepare potatoes for landing

How to prepare potatoes for landing

Potatoes – the second most important product in our power supply after bread. It is difficult to provide as without it there lived our ancestors. The South American guest has well taken root on our kitchen gardens. He for himself does not demand special care, the main thing is correct to prepare tubers for landing.


1. To begin to cook potatoes for landing it is necessary, at least, in 5-6 weeks prior to opening of garden season. Get tubers from storage and attentively examine each of them from all directions. Reject everything begun to rot, patients or ugly form copies. Only from healthy planting stock you will be able to receive good harvest.

2. Best of all as seed material to use the average size tubers up to 100 grams. Larger too perfectly will be suitable for these purposes, they should be cut only, but you will make it much later for now be engaged in potatoes prorashchivaniye. It is necessary to do it on light because in the dark sprouts turn out long and very brittle.

3. Scatter potatoes even layer on floor indoors with temperature not above 20 °C, spray it with water from spray and leave alone. Periodically continue to moisten seed material and by the time of landing on potatoes strong small sprouts of green color have to appear.

4. If you have taken large tubers, cut them so that on each piece at them remained approximately on identical number of sprouts. Powder the place of cut with wood ashes and it is possible to start landing.

5. Plant potatoes not really deeply, try not just to throw at the same time tubers into pole, and to have each of them accurately sprouts up in order that it was easier for them to sprout. Whenever possible water each hole and in week from them the first stocky sprouts will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team