How to prepare solution for bricklaying

How to prepare solution for bricklaying

Brick – universal and most popular construction material. It is known to mankind from time immemorial. But that the brick building pleased with the durability, firmness and heat-insulating qualities, quality solution is necessary for laying. Correctly prepared solution for bricklaying - strong and elastic since it has to maintain load not only of compression and shift, but also of gap. Knowing certain rules, it is simple to prepare it.

It is required to you

  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - slaked lime;
  • - water.


1. Prepare components, necessary for solution: cement, slaked lime, sand and water. Cement is interlink of solution. Lime gives to solution the fluidity, elasticity and allows it to fill all openings and emptiness of laying. Sand to solution is added as filler for volume and also to avoid strong draft. Best of all fine construction sand is suitable for solution, but it is possible to use also white.

2. Mix dry components of solution. Universal solution consists of 1 part of cement, 4-6 parts of sand and 1 part of lime. Before adding water, dry ingredients of solution need to be moved carefully among themselves. For plasticity of solution, instead of lime, it is possible to add clay to it or a little laundry detergent.

3. If necessary, use ready mix. If you have to lay brick in cold weather, use ready mix with softener. He creates tiny bubbles which reduce risk of cracking of solution when hardening on cold in solution. It is possible not to add sand to ready mix – all components are already mixed in the necessary proportions there. The mode of work with ready mix more convenient, but also more expensive.

4. Dissolve dry mix with water. In total in a couple of hours ready solution becomes unsuitable for work therefore it needs to be done so much how many you will be able to spend in 1.5-2 hours. Take necessary amount of dry mix and add to it clear tap water. Mix mix shovel the cutting movements on veneer sheet or in wide superficial capacity. It is better to add water gradually until mix becomes similar to the melted butter – solution has to slide easily on shovel and keep form if to make deepening. If waters in mix too much – strengthen solution dry mix, and dilute dryish solution with water. It is necessary that the laying has well grabbed. If in the course of work solution has begun to dry up – add water and properly mix it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team