How to prepare solution for laying

How to prepare solution for laying

To prepare solution for laying - occupation only at first sight rather simple. Actually, that it is correct to make everything, it is necessary to have attention, patience and almost powerful force. But if you are ready to work, then can start.

It is required to you

  • capacity for mixing;
  • clay;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • water;
  • improvised tools.


1. Moving shovel in the container with solution in attempts to mix it very few people from builders self-educated persons guess that it is necessary to mix all components in the ratio 1:3. As a rule, solution is made of sand with addition of binding materials. Usually it happens cement. At first in capacity it is necessary to fill up sand, then special material. Carefully to mix everything, then to pour water and again to mix.

2. If to return to proportions, then digit 1 designates cementing agents (cement, clay, lime), and are 3 parts of sand. That is, for example, on one bucket of cement it is necessary to take three buckets of sand. And already then water to regulate density/liquid of the received solution.

3. One more popular type of solution is clay. It is used usually for laying of furnaces. Process of preparation of this kind of solution begins with clay podgtovka. It has to be clean, without inclusions of various impurity of type of sand, stones, leaves, branches, etc. it is necessary to Take only soft clay, it is possible to check it, having rolled in hand as plasticine.

4. It is necessary to wet clay further. Having filled in with water, it is regularly necessary to stir it that dense weight as a result has turned out. In parallel with it gravel sand is prepared. Mix is sifted through sieve, and what has turned out as a result, will be used for mixing of mortar.

5. It is necessary to prepare finally clay for mixing further. For this purpose it is necessary to pour out it through sieve that all large parts remained from above and to mix with water. After that clay is filled in in special capacity to certain mark - approximately on quarter of vessel. Then in it sand is filled - small parts, constantly stirring slowly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team