How to prepare the earth for seedling

How to prepare the earth for seedling

Not always the ready soil from shop is suitable for seedling. Probability is high that, having replaced seedling from glass to kitchen garden, you will face some diseases. It is much better if seedling grows from the very beginning in that earth to which you intend to put her. But plants prefer different types of soils therefore it is worth thinking even in the summer of preparation of the earth for spring crops.

In order that in the spring quickly to add the suitable earth for some type of landings, it is necessary to prepare soil mixes even in the summer. For this purpose take several strong packages and fill in them the prepared mixes. And in the spring you should taking only from each package the necessary number of the earth and to plant to it vegetables.

What mixes should be prepared?

The cespitose earth therefore it needs to be prepared in such quantity that was enough for all seedling will be basis of all mixes. Other mixes are organic additives which are added for power supply and loosening.

  • The cespitose earth will become basis for any seedling. In pure form it will be suitable for cabbage and flowers. It is simple to prepare it. The best earth will be on meadows where the clover, beans or long-term herbs mainly grows. Shovel remove 10-centimeter layer of the turf in quantity necessary to you, put in box and cover with dark film. In several weeks dig over the cespitose earth, remove the remained backs. Shift the clean and not infected earth in dark package, humidify a little and remove on balcony till spring. The cespitose earth dense therefore for seedling it is diluted with sawdust or sand in the ratio 7:2.
  • Peat is the sterile and easy soil which well holds in itself water. For soil mix on bucket of peat add one glass of wood ashes. Put all this in package and humidify with solution. Solution is prepared easily: to fill in glass of mullein and half teaspoon of copper vitriol with 3 liters of water. To pour in it slowly that peat has well become impregnated. Be not overzealous. Advantage of excessively damp peat same zero, as well as dry. Close package and you store it in the warm place.
  • Humus is vegetable and manure. This type of soil mix is rich with organic matters and useful microbes. For vegetable cultures it is brought up to 8 kg on 1 m². it can be packed before cold weather and to take out on balcony.
  • Small sawdust is necessary for loosening of the cespitose earth. But it is necessary to prepare them correctly that there was advantage. For this purpose fill in 10 kg of sawdust with 3 liters of water where are added to steam of spoons of urea. In two hours it is necessary to add glass of ashes to this mix and to pack into plastic bag. It is possible to mix with peat in its spring.
  • Sand, but not from the yard. Sand from children's sandbox is no good at all. Best of all will approach river, large, light. The pit sand needs to be washed out well.
  • It is very useful to seedling and plants there will be egg shell. It reduces acidity of the soil. For addition in earth mix it needs to be crushed. It is better to throw shell from boiled eggs into compost, in the earth from it the advantage will not be any more. The fresh shell especially will be suitable for cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes. For this purpose it needs to be added not only to seedling, but also to hole before landing to kitchen garden. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team