How to prepare the greenhouse for new season

How to prepare the greenhouse for new season

With approach of spring on personal plots there is lot of the urgent works connected with approach of new sowing season.

Seedling already grows up and it is a high time to start preparation of the greenhouse for crops of the first vegetables. 

We carry out audit: we reveal damages which could arise for autumn and winter months. We make replacement of the broken and bent framework elements. If the greenhouse glass, we change the broken glasses in frames. We replace the damaged film shelters.

If plant debris for some reason have not been removed, the procedure of cleaning can be done in the spring. We wash with disinfecting solution transparent elements of the greenhouse. We remove five centimeters of the soil from surface layer of ridges. In this layer large number of diseases and wreckers accumulates. We stack humus or peat on replacement of the removed layer of earth. It is also possible to carry out disinfecting of top soil by chemical medicines like "The Bordeaux liquid". The removed soil can be used in the open ground. Carefully we clean off snow, from structure of the greenhouse rejecting at the same time the snowdrifts lying around hothouse construction. This reception promotes fast descent of the remains of snow, and warming up of the soil in the greenhouse considerably improves.

Whether it will be correct if to fill up snow to the greenhouse? The snow charge to the greenhouse, will slow down warming up of soil and will postpone sowing time for two and more than a week. For receiving earlier harvest it is necessary to refrain from such reception.

On greenhouse inside causative agents of fungal diseases often lodge. Disputes of mushrooms can transfer hard frosts and therefore for destruction dispute use gas pro-etchant. Usually apply sulfuric checkers to fumigating. Requirement of 50-80 g on 1 m³. Before firing of checker cork the greenhouse that gas did not come to light. Air in 3-5 days. Gas is capable to destroy disputes and wreckers in all inaccessible places.

Preparation of soil begins with introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers. For the fastest warming up of soil we carry out redigging on shovel bayonet. It promotes air circulation in base layers of the soil, and warming up goes evenly. Before disembarkation of vegetables we spill soil boiled water and we close the soil film for the best warming up. The garden radish, greens and different types of salads can become the first vegetables planted to the greenhouse. Grow up early vegetables on the kitchen garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team