How to prepare wood

How to prepare wood

In Russia several centuries use wood materials for construction. The tree well is suitable for areas with any climate. This material is also often applied and today. With its help construct beautiful and warm houses.


1. Now in the market of housing construction very many new materials and technologies have appeared. However the house from tree continues to remain the most popular among individual builders. The fact is that this material in our country is the cheapest. It well is suitable for the embodiment of architectural plans. Also It should be noted its ecological purity and good air permeability. The tree is excellent heat insulator. Thanks to it in the log house the optimum temperature and humidity.

2. For felling it is necessary to treat the choice and preparation of wood very seriously. Only ripe, healthy trees which have no decay and wormholes have to be selected. It is the best of all to prepare wood materials in the winter or at the beginning of spring. Trees need to be taken out from the wood and at once to clean from bark. During the winter period they have humidity about 30%. To make felling, it is necessary to dry slightly them, approximately for 10%. For this purpose the trees need to be sustained under canopy. Logs then need to be laid in stack on linings. In this case through airing will be provided. Bark, sawdust and other waste should be burned. It you will secure the prepared logs against bug-drevoyeda.

3. If you have decided to build the log house, then prepare forest materials of coniferous breeds. It should be noted, they in many respects exceed deciduous breeds. At these trees more correct form. The pine has direct trunk. Also it has high resistance to rotting. However this material has also negative qualities. Such tree often is exposed to "blue discoloration". The blue does not change physicomechanical properties, but can strongly spoil exterior. Despite it, the pine is the most widespread material for construction of wooden houses, both at us, and in Europe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team