How to press out the twisted pair cable

How to press out the twisted pair cable

The twisted pair cable is popular kind of cable. The main feature of this communication wire is that under cover couples of conductors twisted among themselves are located. It is correctly possible to execute compression of the twisted pair cable only at observance of the major rules.

1.   Tools for compression of the twisted pair cable

To press out the twisted pair cable, use of modern tools is necessary. First of all here not to do without krimper (blooming pincers) at the expense of whom performance of compression of the connector is possible. Also the connector will be required, availability spare as even the experienced expert can not always execute compression from the first is optimum. 2.   Performance of obzhimachtoba to press out the twisted pair cable and to receive optimum result, it is necessary to consider cable type as different types of the twisted pair cable are pressed out from different sides. The T568B cable, according to the existing standards is most often used, it needs to be pressed out on both sides for achievement of optimum result, without observance of this rule, the network can unstably work.

After definition of cable type and compression, it is necessary to clean one end of wire from the top cover and to manually untwist couples of wires and also to distribute them in the order, necessary for compression. The order distribution of wires defines the chosen standard. Further straightening of wires which is necessary is carried out in order that they optimum adjoined to each other, after that it is necessary to even the edge of wires and to remove excess parts of wires. After this wire are inserted into the connector so that each wire was in the trench which is taken away for it. After distribution of wires it needs to be clamped in the connector blooming pincers. 

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