How to press the bearing

How to press the bearing

Times when plowed the earth goat and plow, have sunk into non-existence. Life of the modern person is inconceivable without small-scale mechanization. In kitchen: coffee grinder, blender, juice extractor, combines of different function and other. In garage: electric drill, the angular grinder, the machine for sharpening of the tool and so forth. In the yard: lawn-mower, trimmer and water pump of the irrigation system.

It is required to you

  • - screw-drivers,
  • - small wrenches,
  • - hammer,
  • - drift.


1. The modern industry instantly responds to the revealed requirements development and release of the new household equipment which, as a rule, is equipped with the electric drive, and the rotor of these devices, as we know, leans on antisliding bearings which wear out over time and become useless.

2. The market, advancing inquiries of consumers, beforehand creates various service points providing services in repair of difficult household devices. The actual value of works in the similar enterprises is far from reality and depends entirely on popularity of the producer.

3. Repair of the equipment manufactured in China will cost to the customer cheaper, than payment of similar work in relation to the device manufactured in the European country. In addition, if in the house in which the perforator at which bearings have unexpectedly begun to creak has failed, for example, there is man, then it does not make to pay for their replacement to the unknown master any sense.

4. To save means of the family budget there is enough, using the screw-driver or small keys, to disassemble the device which has failed work. To separate from its electric motor cover with the faulty bearing and to take it from there with the help, it is desirable, the remover. But, if there is no that near at hand, then the bearing is carefully beaten out by the hammer and drift.

5. Further actions can develop according to two scenarios. The first: if the cover is made of metal, and installation of the sealing gland for sealing of knot is not provided in it, then it withheld by combination pliers heats up over naked flame of gas-fire (but not until red), there is enough also three hundred degrees, and then to the slot the bearing precipitates. The second: the cover is located on board piece, and into it through wooden extension the hammer accurately hammers the new bearing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team