How to prevent pulling of seedling

How to prevent pulling of seedling

Experienced gardeners know that from the extended seedling you should not wait for anything good. That seedling has turned out strong, healthy and further well developed, it is necessary to follow several basic rules.

Temperature condition

If indoor temperature where seeds are couched, can be high, then at emergence of shoots it is necessary to lower it till 18-20 wasps. Not to be mistaken, to follow such rule better: at night temperature has to be couple degrees lower day. At the beginning of vegetation in the room where there is seedling, temperature can quite be higher than 20 wasps, and here is closer to planting of seedling in soil temperature it is worth lowering. Do not forget to air the room on sunny and hot days.

Distance between plants

If seedling grows too densely, strong and healthy plants from it will not turn out. That plants were not extended, they need to be landed at sufficient distance from each other. For example, tomatoes have to be located in box at distance of 8-10 cm, eggplants and pepper - 6-7 cm.


That seedling normally developed, it needs to provide good lighting. Especially it is relevant if boxes with seedling stand on windowsill. In cloudy weather additional light is necessary for such plants. If the daylight hours is less than 18 hours, seedling will by all means be extended.

Watering and fertilizing

If to water seedling it is too abundant, then it will begin to grow and be extended actively that is extremely undesirable. Rapid growth is invariable thinning of stalks, so, at disembarkation in soil you will have high, but weak plants.

 It is necessary to water seedling only after the top soil dries up. Excessive watering can lead to development of diseases, however and it is not necessary to overdry plants. Especially badly eggplants and pepper transfer drying of the soil.

Besides regular watering seedling it is desirable to feed up special fertilizers. It will significantly increase chance that you receive strong and healthy planting stock.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team