How to prishchipyvat cucumbers

How to prishchipyvat cucumbers

For receiving abundant, early and amicable harvest it is important to create cucumbers correctly. That it was convenient to form and reap them crop, without damaging lash, it is necessary to bind cucumbers on lane.

It is required to you

  • - lane
  • - twine
  • - scissors


1. Bind lashes on lane as soon as they begin to branch and bend. It is necessary to bind under cotyledonous leaves and not hardly, taking into account growth and development of plant.

2. It is necessary to form cucumbers depending on grade. For example, hybrid grades can be not formed absolutely if they are put early and there will be to fructify in the greenhouse. This grade will have ovary and fruits on all lashes. The main thing that there was enough time and did not happen strong shadowing because of the fact that plants are thickened. Therefore it is necessary to plant hybrid cucumbers very seldom though this rule needs to be followed when landing any grade of cucumbers, as if to make landing densely, then even on the most fertile soil there will be poor harvest.

3. If hybrid cucumbers are planted to the open ground and not really early, then that all ovaries have managed to be created and ripen, lashes need to be created.

4. For forming of lashes cut off tops over the 6th leaf and leave 3 escapes in plant. All other formed escapes need to be deleted. Also irrespective of the place of landing on all escapes it is necessary to remove tops over the 6th leaf and in due time to cut off twisted lashes and the turning yellow leaves.

5. For forming of normal cucumbers which have no self-pollination and are pollinated by means of insects, it is necessary to create plant in one, at most in two stalks.

6. Leave 4 zones of growth on stalks and remove top. All forming escapes, except the main stalk it is necessary to cut off. If you form cucumbers in two stalks, then cut off the appeared escapes, leaving two main.

7. In zones of growth leave only those points of growth from which it is going to reap crop. Cut off all other points of growth. When forming leave all leaves, otherwise ovaries will lack nutrients.

8. If weak and twisted lashes are formed, then they need also to be deleted.

9. Having created cucumbers correctly, the harvest will be earlier and abundant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team