How to prishchipyvat petunia

How to prishchipyvat petunia

The petunia became very popular because of variety of grades and the decorative effect. It is grown up by houses, on country sites and break from high-quality plants city beds. That the petunia pleased you in magnificent color, it is necessary to look after it correctly. Do not forget to prishchipyvat in due time petunia – to delete its top grown escapes.

  • The strengthened petunia bush
  • Availability of high top escape and not less than 4-5 large leaves

1. Time for the first nipping of petunia. Flower growers do it after when seedling changes to the open ground. It is important that the plant has managed to acclimatize and has got stronger. Not to ruin young petunia, look after it correctly. • Plant seedling rather densely. • Often water it and spray with water (during heat – up to 3 times a day). • Feed up once a week sprayers and subcortexes at the roots. • If the petunia does not grow, use growth factors (such as Tsikron). • Land it to the open ground in the second half of May. It have to be humus and the cespitose earth (2:1).

2. Begin to prishchipyvat petunia when the plant "goes to stalk" (that is will begin to grow promptly up). Count 3-5 leaflets from stalk bottom and pinch off fingers the top escape over them – point of growth of petunia. Now blossoming of bush will a little slow down, but rapid growth of side escapes will begin. As a result the petunia will give more large buds. In month it is necessary to prishchipyvat petunia repeatedly.

3. Put remote escape in jar with water and wait when it gives small backs. Now it can be used as shank for cultivation of new petunia. Before landing of plant in container with the earth cut off from it all leaves, having left only couple of the topmost.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team