How to process birch cap

How to process birch cap

The texture of cap quite often has so fancy drawing that it is possible to notice on it ready image or landscape. In other cases the cap is sawn and processed.


1. If the cap is quite big, and as envisioned it is possible to make not one thing of it, and a little, before processing it is sawn. Most often saw cap on plates, various thickness: thickness depends on what products are going to be made. For obtaining the best drawing on all preparations the corner of cut needs to be thought over so that to saw as much as possible the sleeping kidneys. On fresh cut the drawing is hardly noticeable, but it is easier to saw the raw cap. And here before making out in product, the cap is steamed that the drawing has appeared completely and in work it was possible to show it. It is the best of all to steam cap in small sawdust, it is possible to do it and in house conditions. The unnecessary pan suitable by the size is required, the dyes emitted by wood will be complex to be washed away. Sawdust is put thick layer on bottom, then display cap on them - but not closely, gap half-centimeter between preparations has to be. From above too put sawdust, but not such thick layer.

2. Fill in with salt water, but mainly base layer that water only concerned preparations, without covering them entirely. Salts the tablespoon undertakes on liter approximately, is possible slightly more. Close cover and put on very slow fire. After boiling of preparation 6-10 hours have to be steamed, water needs to be added to pan periodically, checking each hour. Then the pan is removed from fire and left to cool down. Preparations take out from the cooled-down sawdust, wash away sawdust from them water jet, leave on drying, overturning for uniform drying-out each several hours. Drying usually takes 3-4 days. After preparations dry out, it is necessary to repeat boiling down process, then again to dry up, and so not less than 3 times. If after three steaming bark itself has not disappeared from preparations, it is necessary to remove it. Having steamed preparations of cap last time and, having removed bark, leave wood on final drying. It is the best of all to dry them on the street, overturning the first 3 days each several hours, then - once a day. After that it is quite good to dry preparations in the special cabinet dryer 2-3 times.

3. Large pieces of integral cap, the size there is more soccerball, are not suitable for processing thus. In the course of cooking or drying the cap will surely crack, and can burst. Figures from integral cap process as well as - grind any tree, varnish. Boiling down best of all is suitable for cap which is sawn on thin plates. At otparivaniye these preparations are painted by natural dyes in the most various shades, from light-golden to chocolate-brown. After this long processing it is possible to start further improvement of cap. Finished products cover with spirit or acrylic lacquers. It is possible to use also nitrolacquers. Before covering the surface is ground by sandpaper - at first large, and then the smallest, and wiped from wood dust with soft fabric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team