How to process cabbage vinegar from wreckers

How to process cabbage vinegar from wreckers

Cabbage is planted, probably, by all gardeners, and there is no wonder, culture this unpretentious: grows even on poor soils, with firmness transfers temperature drops. But as this vegetable quite often is exposed the attacks of various wreckers, it needs to be processed occasionally special medicines against insects. For this purpose it is possible to use both industrial insecticides, and the checked folk remedies on the basis of, for example, vinegar.

It is required to you

  • - vinegar of 9%;
  • - acetic essence;
  • - water.


1. Cabbage is exposed to the attack of many wreckers: both caterpillars, and plant louse, and flea beetles. And so, it is possible to struggle with all listed insects normal vinegar. If it is correct to carry out works, then insects will disappear and will not do much harm to harvest. For processing of cabbage vinegar as it is safer to work with it is better to use 9%. Solution becomes as follows: in bucket of water 200 ml of vinegar pour out and everything is stirred. If in economy there is vinegar only of 70% of concentration - nothing terrible, it is possible to use also it, it is only worth reducing dose and to pour in two tablespoons in water. Now on sale there is various vinegar: both wine, and apple, and rice, etc., it is possible to use any, it will not affect effectiveness of solution in any way.

2. It is necessary to use the received solution at once, it is impossible to leave it ""for later"". The fact is that part of substances will evaporate and means will become not such effective. Now as for processing: the received structure it is necessary it is abundant to moisten all leaves / heads of cabbage. For this purpose it is possible to use both traditional spray, and normal watering can with the diffuser, watering plants from above, or just small whisk (dipping it in water and sprinkling saplings).

3. It is necessary to carry out the procedure in the morning after dew drying, but no later than 10 hours. Thus it is necessary to repeat processing each 2-3 days until insects do not disappear. It should be noted that to add more vinegar to water, than it is given in the recipe above, it is impossible as more concentrated solution can do much harm to saplings.

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