How to process plywood before painting

How to process plywood before painting

That after painting plywood was not stratified and has not cracked, it needs to be covered with the grounding solution. Special attention needs to be paid to that material which was stored in conditions of the increased humidity. For it there is the way of processing before painting.

Plywood – the material inclined to rassykhaniye and cracking. To that reason its structure: sheets consist of the interline interval cloths which are stuck together among themselves. Best of all coloring by acrylic or oil paints protects plywood.

Than to process plywood before painting?

If cloths of plywood were stored in conditions of the increased humidity, such material, as a rule, is a little deformed and inflates. Before painting it needs to be dried up, but to make it it is necessary correctly. Plywood will be required to be laid on two bars so that it was spaced from soil or floor not less, than on 10 cm. Then on those edges which lean on bars it is necessary to put cargo. It can be boards or other sawn timber. After plywood dries and will become straight, its surface is carefully ground.

For processing of the dried-up cloths use primer with antiseptic additives. It will not allow to develop to blue, fungus and mold. It is possible to use the following structures: EK GS400 ANTISEPTIC, GLIMS of Prime GIDROSEPT, Unis. All these primers have ability to get deeply into the processed surface, at the same time disinfecting it. For plywood which was not affected by moisture it is possible to use any grounding structures on acrylic and water basis. If there is no opportunity to buy primer, it is possible to cover plywood with natural drying oil.

How to process plywood before painting?

For causing the grounding structure it is possible to use brushes or the roller. The surface of plywood needs to be cleaned carefully from dust and dirt, and only after that to apply solution. It is desirable to cover cloths on 2-3 layers that will provide penetration of primer into the smallest time. If it is decided to use the roller, it is better to take such that on his fur coat there were no seams, and pile was short. Faces of cloths need to be processed thin brush, trying to put uniform dabs. If there is no opportunity to use drying oil or primer of deep penetration, it is possible to paint plywood right after grinding and removal of dust. There are enamels which are intended for coloring of the raw wood. For example, PF-266. Before use paint needs to be stirred and added carefully to it small amount of turpentine or white spirit. If the painted surface was not grounded previously, it is necessary to put 2 coats of paint. The first – dabs in one direction, the second – in perpendicular in relation to previous. It will allow to protect all surface of cloths.

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