How to process strawberry

How to process strawberry

It is necessary to work much in the spring that in the summer to receive rich harvest of strawberry. This garden plant – one of the most exacting and labor-consuming in leaving therefore for emergence of tasty berries strawberry needs to be processed correctly.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs;
  • - sapka;
  • - bucket;
  • - garden sprayer;
  • - chicken dung;
  • - mullein;
  • - potash saltpeter;
  • - Nitroammofosk or other mineral fertilizer;
  • - "Colloid sulfur", Fitosporin and other medicines for pest control and diseases;
  • - water.


1. Success of receiving rich harvest, first of all, depends on correctness of performance of work on beds. Accurately rake up all last year's foliage. Do not burn leaves at all: the dioxine emitted when burning dry vegetation – dangerous substance.

2. Prorykhlite soil in row-spacings and ranks. Then execute fertilizing of strawberry.

3. Early in the spring strawberry feed up special mineral fertilizer, for example, of Nitroammofosk, or organic complex (the divorced infusion of mullein or chicken dung). Fertilize strawberry directly at the roots at the rate of solution half of liter under each bush of garden plant.

4. For pest control and diseases process strawberry special medicines: Fitosporin (from fungal disease), "Colloid sulfur" (from mealy dew) or similar.

5. Water strawberry throughout all vegetative period, and especially watering is necessary when this garden culture blossoms also during filling in of fruits. It is desirable to water strawberry with not cold water and in the morning.

6. After each watering and fertilizing loosen the earth. Besides, during all vegetative period fight against weeds, in time deleting them, and you watch that the earth crust was not formed.

7. In the course of budding and during maturing of fruits, strawberry needs potassium. During this period for fertilizing it is possible to use the divorced solution of chicken dung, ashes or potash saltpeter.

8. Mustache on strawberry begin to appear at once after blossoming of this garden culture. Their maximum quantity falls on the period of completion of fructification. At this particular time it is also necessary to carry out cutting of mustache.

9. Cut off mustache at strawberry in the morning or in the evening, at the same time it is desirable that day was dry. Carry out cutting normal garden secateurs. You should not tear off mustache at strawberry: they are dense therefore, having pulled for mustache, it is possible to damage the main bush.

10. Mustache can be used as planting stock. In this case implant three sockets of the first order going from maternal bush of strawberry. It is not recommended to use as planting stock of the socket of the second and the subsequent orders: it will negatively affect productivity of strawberry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team