How to process tree saw cut

How to process tree saw cut

The processing of wounds of fruit-trees which is in due time made after cutting prevents defeat of tree fungal infections. It is important to treat correctly the wounds after cutting.


1. On long-term and one-year wood as a result of cutting there are saw cuts or cuts which are open gate for different fungal diseases. These diseases extend with the help dispute, downwind. That the fungus with smaller probability has got on tree, saw cuts have to be executed qualitatively and in due form. The tool has to be very sharp, the saw cuts and cuts left to them - equal. The lagging behind bark and rough, uneven surface is the favorable field for development of various fungal infections. If the saw cut has turned out rough, it can be smoothed down and smoothed out sharp garden knife.

2. Process cuts at once after their drawing, covering with various substances. Opinions on what it is the best of all to process cuts, disperse at different experienced gardeners. Sometimes recommend to use soil from under tree roots, oil paints, garden var. Anyway the best indicators on absence of fungal infections happen at trees, processing and which putty of wounds is produced right after the saw cut has been executed. Treatment of wounds, cutting and saw cut of trees need to be carried out in the early spring or at the beginning of summer. If the wound or saw cut are got by tree in the second half of summer, in the fall or in the winter, roughly process and cover with the thief temporarily, having removed the broken parts. Putty is necessary to save tree from drying, from oxidation of wound air and from frost for the winter period.

3. In the spring such roughly treated wounds subject to treatment anew, paying attention to their purity. Therefore it is impossible to make processing of saw cuts with the dirty tool, with dirty hands. If the tree emits the juice attracting insects at saw cut before to cover wound, it is required to wash it from watering can with flowing water. If the branch or part of tree subject to rotting is cut, it is possible to take more radical measures for disinfection with hope to keep the rest. Such types of disinfection ruin number of living cells, worsen and extend time of healing of saw cuts, but in case of defeat of tree mold only disinfection can give guarantee for rescue of part of tree. Disinfect in this case iron vitriol, 10% of concentration or copper in concentration of 5%. The tool and hands are washed with soap, and then wiped with cologne, alcohol or vodka and before operation not to have infection further.

4. Seasonal standard saw cuts and cutting of trees do not demand such precautions. The main thing to keep wounds clean, in due time deleting pieces of bark and carefully covering cuts and cracks. It is possible to use any paint as a part of which is not present pernicious for live tree of oil, gasoline or kerosene. Paints with the maintenance of similar rock oils gets deeply into wood layers, the wound heals and cannot long be formed hollow owing to what its cleaning out with wood disinfection is required.

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